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This is a listing for a random single Bas Coldkey selected at random.

Bas Coldkeys have been created at first to accommodate some Bitcointalk members.
Basorexia (in this infamous thread where the scam took place) created artworks representing some users in the form of a card from a trading card game.
After taking the money to produce and ship physical cards, Basorexia vanished.

These Coldkeys allowed some members to own a physical version of their depiction as produced by Basorexia but on a fully functional Coldkey wallet.

For now, Coldkeys are depicting 20 different Bitcointalk users :

– Krogothmanhattan
– Minerjones
– Owlcatz
– Tweetious
– Bitcoin Penny
– Jcga
– Chronicsky
– Digicoinuser
– Fattcatt
– Teegumes
– Dobzombie
– Agrawas
– Hox
– Rxalts
– Lesbian cow
– Chibitcty
– Basorexia
– Mitchell
– Theymos
– Yogg

Denomination : 0.001 BTC (Buyer Funded)
Mintage : not finite.
New ones are continuously produced in batches having the same serial.
When a new batch is broken, we will distribute all the remaining Bas Coldkeys in this batch before breaking a new one.


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