Bitbills commemorative Coldkeys


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Bitbills have been available in 2011 for a short period of time.
Not many Bitbills are in existence, demand was limited given the cypherpunk nature of Bitcoin and the time it needed to ramp up in power.

Nowadays, original Bitbills are among the most desirable physical Bitcoins.
One Bitbill, any one of them, is worth a small fortune.
We are happy to celebrate Bitbills, and remind of them as the originator of the physical Bitcoin movement.

This Coldkey release is made of 50 sets of 4 Coldkeys.
3 sets are in Gold, serialized from #1 to #3.
7 sets are in Silver, serialized from #4 to #10.
40 sets are on plain white cards, serialized from #11 to #50.

They are denominated at the original BTC of Bitbills but divided by 1,000. Tongue
These Coldkeys are Buyer Funded.

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