Buyer Funded Bitcoin Coldkey


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The Buyer Funded Bitcoin Coldkey is a great way to store some BTC physically.
It is not denominated and is intended to be used as a physical cold storage wallet.Design is based on our previous release of BTC Loaded Coldkeys, the major difference is the color.
This one is greyscale, and is not denominated.
Instead of the denomination, we can read “BUYER FUNDED”.
These Coldkeys bear a UV design that complements very well the layout itself.

For this release, the serialization is BTC-BF1.<serial>.
The pictures show a “BTC-UL1.0” serial, but BF (Buyer Funded) is better as UL (UnLoaded).
BF1 stands for Buyer Funded 1 and means it is the first one of this kind being released.
This serie is not limited in quantity and you will receive a random serial number.When sold out, we will prepare another batch and put it up for sale, starting from #101 to #200 and so on …

When we will renew our design for this serie, the serial will change to BTC-BF2.<serial> and will start again from #1.
Somehow, this serie availibility is limited through time.


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