Coldkey Raffle — 1st Edition


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Please follow the announcement of this release on bitcointalk for more updates :

We are proud to announce to you today the 1st Coldkey Raffle.
We wanted to make a fun Collectible with a quirk and this one comes with an event. Smiley

There is 256 Tickets, each one has a unique Private Key.

Sales will remain open until the 15th of December 2022
— OR —
Until the 256 tickets have been sold.

Each Ticket requires a 0.0025BTC funding.
100% of the funding goes to a Prize Pool.

When sales are over, we will organize a good old fashioned Bitcointalk raffle.
Usually tickets go from 0 to F (hex) which represents 16 different tickets,
we will go from 00 to FF and this represents the set of 256 physical tickets.

I will pick a block that will come up around 2 weeks after the sales ended.
This will let enough time for last shipments to arrive.

How does this release works :

Each Ticket has only an ID.
No serial number, and it doesn’t display a public address.

We will hold a Raffle event and the ghost of Satoshi will pick the winning ticket.
The addresses will be funded accordingly.
You will need to peel the ticket and redeem it to check if it holds a prize.
Each ticket can win only once.

I keep track of which Ticket ID is assigned to which order.
That way and for transparency purposes only, I’m able to tell which customer got winning tickets.
I will not be releasing this information.

About the Physical Coldkey :

We are not fully satisfied by the quality of these Tickets.
Our laminate layer is too strong and doesn’t allow to easily break the card into individual parts.

We have some loose ones, but unfortunately some of these might have some minor imperfections.
Like a rough edge, having a straight cut but at an angle, etc …
We will experiment with more physical cards and different laminate layers before releasing any more Coldkey that splits.

Orders for multiple tickets will contain uncut “tri-cards”.
(If you get 8 tickets, you will get 2 full uncut cards and 2 loose tickets)


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