The Genesis Serie – The Beginning…

This was the first Coldkey public release in April, 2019. It was created to commemorate the birth of Coldkey.
The Genesis Edition was composed of 250 serialized cold storage wallets.

These cards were released in two different “Types”.

  • “Anon” Cards – Anon cards are cold storage wallets whose public Bitcoin addresses are not recorded. They ONLY exist on the card itself!
  • “Regular” Cards – Public addresses are “Public”, meaning we keep a record of the address.

Note: Each type is essentially the same, the difference is that the public addresses for the “Anon” cards are not saved, nor will ever be published as we do not record them or keep them.

Prototype/Example of a Regular Genesis Coldkey Card
Backside/Hologram (Key underneath)

Example “Anon” Genesis Coldkey Card:

Example/Prototype “Anon” card – Note the inscription on the bottom right! 😎